Sunday, 14 September 2008

Weekly training 8Sep-14Sep

Weekly Training
Swim2 sessions with fist gloves. Alternating 200's and 100's making me concentrate on stroke. Alternating adding shorter stuff now in fistgloves with no legs (held together -try it and see)managed 4x100 and no fistgloves with band did 2x200m on Monday around legs. Aiming to be able to swim with the band and fistgloves (again try it). Needed to swim backup session on Friday night but pool was unexpectedly closed when I turned up.3200
Bike 2x60min McCormack style intervals I've dropped down gears to concentrate on increasing my cadence to above 90- the problem I found is that I often found myself without a gear that suited the cadence and hr I needed to be in , often the gear was too high or low. So I am warming up and they see what gear I can sustain. Again I used to this before the hr monitor. 1x47.5min strength on trainer trying to do 40+cadence in 53-12 whilst keeping hr as low as possible around 130. 37.5miles
Run1x4mile 2x5miles(running as I feel )times are getting quicker. OLd niggle in ankle has come back to haunt me.14miles

Weekly core Training
Swim cords2 sessions Building specific strength - 11 on each arm
Back2 sessions
Abs2 sessions 8 different exercises based on crunches and leg lifts
Weights2 sessions with dumbbells
Push ups2 sessions - some moving side to side and Hindu push ups
Stretching6 sessions

We've been discussing future plans this week. The major one that we are planning is temporary move back to Europe(not the UK) for Teresa to teach in an international schoolprobably in about 3 years time. The reasons to do more travel, learn a language, give the children and ourselves new experiences and give us something to look forward to. We are very happy where we are, especially me and the move would mean once again stepping outside the comfort zone but it is something we have to do or it will become a lifelong regret.

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