Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Weekly training 1Dec- 7Dec

total: 4200m
Another fistgloves ripped so I started to use some small plastic balls to do the same job. Only they are even more difficult to use, using the fistgloves there was a slight flat spot. The balls take even that flat surface away, so I went back to doing 100s and 30sec rest with balls and band aound my legs
total: 67.35 miles
This week the computer stopped completely on m y ride (Raukawa Rd towards Waipawa). I turned around after 18miles (after one of longest climbs I've done for years so the return would bring me to 36miles. But because of the computer I don't know how accurate it is. I know I was out for a long time and I felt very tired at the end but that might simply be the doing harder hills. I spent some time on Sunday trying to diagnose the computer problem and it turns out that the magnet that attachs to the rear wheel had died. So I found another one and it worked.
total: 26 miles
1x8, 2x9 feeling very comfortable. Used a new pair Brooks adrenalin shoes I had stored away, to see if it helped my plantar problem. I have been using my current pair of adrenalin for quite a while and they are some of the best I've used, a really long lasting sole.

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