Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Swimming time trial 5thMarch

I nervously went to Pandora's on Sunday to swim a timed lap of the course. Not quite the full course as it normally starts on the beach. I timed myself at the beginning of the summer at 12.17 for approx 700m which was really good for me, and demonstrated all my technique work was paying off , this time I did in 11.20 a 57sec improvement. However the best bit was how easy I swam - it demonstrates all my hard work on technique and hard intervals in the pond was paying off. I'm starting to feel like a real swimmer. I plan to do another one in a month which will be my last open water swim for the summer. I have been swimming 3 times a week in the pond and as much as 5 times a week altogether. On my neat time trial I want to try and get close if not go under 11, so I've got to push it towardsthe end but not try too hard.

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