Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Ankle injury rears its ugly head... Have I caught another cold?

Really enjoying training again, atrocious weather at the weekend saw me on the trainer doing really hard stuff. I thought this may be better preparation for the race on the 16th. I always need to remind myself that racing is harder than training a bit and does involve a bit of mild discomfort or PAIN!!!

Iran yesterday (Tuesday 7miles) and finally felt really comfortable with the distance so decided to push up to 8 next run on Thursday (only 2 runs this week because of the race). Except for after the run my old sore ankle flared up again and I had to take an anti-inflammatory. It seems fine this morning, oldy enough I think I aggravated it by doing ankle stretches. I made my right hip go funny at swimming the other day by kicking with my leg at a slightly funny angle. Historically my kick has been none existent but with TI I am now a lethal (to myself) weapon.

The race - I have really been wrestling with taking part or not because of my swimmimg (which is going really well in the pool). I am going to take part do my best on the swim and try and see how many people I can blast by on the bike and run.

Having said all that, fate may play its hand. Cameron has a cold and being nearly 3 tends to sneeze all over me and I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat... so I may not be able to race. I'll have to see how I feel , I don't want to bomb like I did at the first race of the season.

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