Thursday, 6 December 2007

Feeling great again

Sickness is behind me. I had another great week of training last week, biked new roads (Tuki Tuki Valley), up new climbs still in my 53 chainring which is very confidence boosting. Swimming my TI drills with no fins and the fistgloves and it is fantastic. In the prescribed two beat kick I feel so powerful like I'm wearing fins but not. I have never been a good kicker without fins. But with TI I felt I was getting too reliant on them but the main reason is I felt they were spoiling my swimming and I was right. Fitting in the breathing is still a work in progress but I know with time I'll figure it out. When I do overswitch (without working on the breathing ) I can do 12 sometimes 11 strokes in the 25m pool, that is with fist gloves and only 12 kicks. I am really getting better but I know the major problem is open water and rubbish wetsuit. I was contemplating skipping racing until next season when I will have had more time to improve my swim and get my new wetsuit. But I would miss it and I need that purpose to help me train. I'll just have to put up with swimming really slow and pass a lot a people on the bike and run.

Speaking of running , I will run my third 7miler tomorrow , biggest run week since September 2003. I have noticed a difference in my pace from running 6miles to running the 7, don't know why.

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