Monday, 24 December 2007

Strawberry picking

Just a quick one for Christmas Eve. I'm supposed to be doing a few quick jobs for clients before going to scrub the bathroom. Christmas eve is busy after the bathroom I am going for a swim coming back to clean the toilet and then after lunch the children and I will make mince pies.

Yesterday we took part in what could be classed as a Hawkes Bay tradition - picking our own strawberries at one of the local strawberry farms. These places get really busy in the run up to Christmas and best avoided on Christmas Eve. Even so yesterday I was on my bike for 6.30am so we could get there for opening time 9am. We got there at 8.45 and it was already very busy. Then we went and bought some boysenberries from a friends boyensberry farm, we could only have a brief chat because he was really busy. Hopefully I will catch up with them at swimming in the new year.

In the UK Christmas day would mean Christmas pudding, here in New Zealand we have small meringue cases with the strawberries and strawberry and cream ice cream.

I was out at 5am doing my 6miler and it was good and very satisfying.

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