Monday, 17 December 2007

Another cold...but look on the positive side

Why is it my last 3 training sessions (swim Wednesday and run and bike Thursday) were great, I felt great and enjoyable and yet Friday I knew I was sick? I also had very sore muscles from biking Thursday night but that was ok because I knew what I had done to cause it.

So I wasn't able to race at the weekend and it kind of made my mind up not to race this season. I want to get my swimming going better and race in races where nobody knows me so I don't feel local pressure. I told Teresa I would only start travelling away to race next season when Cameron will be nearly 4. We plan to make them family trips away camping and seeing different parts of the country.

Normally when I can't train (when swimmming, biking, running - I stretch every day and do core exercises) I have time on my hands and I am really grumpy. But not this time, in the approach to Christmas we wanted to buy Cameron a toy box. We couldn't find one we wanted at a price we were willing to pay so I bought the wood and am making one. And in true Boyle tradition it is turning out larger than planned and is becoming more of a toy cupboard than a box.

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