Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekly traing 26Jan-1Feb

Currently reading 'Why Die?' the biography of in/famous Australian coach Percy Cerutty - the coach of such running legends as John Landy and Herb Elliot. He seemed to be completely mad and self obssessed. And yet he believed that he was destined for greatness and to be a world beater. He may have been slightly mad (a lot of geniuses are) but in many ways he was just simply way ahead of his time.

Easing the amount of training has definitely had me feeling better. I only ran once and I felt really good except for my left leg which felt fine while running but flared up afterwards and started taking anti-inflammatories to calm it down.

total:4400m1pool swim and 2open water swims and I have been really starting to enjoy it

Despite my leg and previous weeks of tiredness I have entered my race and will consider my self well rested rather than undertrained. Anyway it is supposed to better 10% undertrained than 1-2% overtrained.

Cameron's birthday at the weekend he is now officially a big boy. We had a picnic at Keirunga Gardens which has a ride on model railway which is run by enthusiasts. It is excellent. It goes around and up and down a hill, it has tunnels, bridges, viaducts the works. I tried making a train cake, I carved it out of sponge but the frosting for it was a disaster not helped that we had extremely high temperatures (37 degree celsius) and we don't have air conditioning because we rarely get highter than 30.
He has now started at morning kindergarten 5 days a week. Teresa returned to school today for a teacher only day and Emily starts back tomorrow.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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