Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pub Night In

The only thing I really miss about the UK (excluding family) is Real Ale Pubs and cask conditioned bottled beer (we can get the latter but it is expensive). Teresa and I have had some great times in some great pubs with some great beer.

The problem is we enjoyed it most in a period when I wasn't training much because of my arthritis , it sort of filled the gap.

Anyway I had planned a sort of pub night in for myself with 3 bottles(pint bottles) of cask conditioned ale only around 5% in strength, not the usual where I go for the strongest, and lots of nibbles.

I have had a couple of these nights in the last few weeks during my break from training with Teresa and 2 bottles but tonight this is just me hangigng loose.

Teresa is away for the week at school camp with her class (she is in charge for the first time and the new teacher(she is mentoring) and her class). This is not the first time she's been away leaving me and the children and especially as I've been a stay home dad for over six years, I've always been the cook but I still have to put up with the usual boring, lame comments from women, from parents of Emily's friends, Terasa's colleagues, etc I can't do any training in the morning because I am taking the children to visit Teresa at camp. So I can indulge and not have to worry about feeling a bit rough in the morning.

Even though I am returning to training I am only easing myself into it very gradually because of my knew routines.

My eagerly anticipated almost never happened. It is my own compulsive nature, even though I have planned it for weeks Teresa thinks its fine, that almost stopped me. Fear of gaining weight, fear of spending the money (and its not as if we can't afford and occasional indulgence - our only debt is the mortgage and it will be gone by November). I spent $25NZ on myself, it was a real struggle because many times I have been at the same stage and pulled the plug. It isn't the only time - when Teresa and I would go out I would suggest an ice cream or cake and when it came time to buy I would say I didn't want it much to Teresa's annoyance because she would then feel guilty for having one herself.

Fear of gaining weight, fear of spending the money. These are the same reasons I have had to overcome during the last few weeks but I would add Fear of losing fitness even though I know that all training theory stipulates fitness gains can only come after recovery and having a break from training is good for physical and mental health.

So I am going to enjoy tonight, I've the beer, bought the nibbles but I didn't get the dvd rental I had planned to get . 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Finally my brother William in South Africa may read this ... but if you do Hi from me and don't expect great writing it is mostly me emptying my head so I can free up space;-)

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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