Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Reflections on the last 12months of training

I've moved on from finding it hard not to train and forcing myself to have a few extra beers. I am now enjoying those beers and the extra time not training allows me. But I have had 4weeks completely off time to ease myself gently back into it with one run, bike and swim this week.

Here are the things I did well in the last 12 months in regard to training.

  • life balance - family, training, work

  • recovery - children sleeping better= more sleep

  • consistant training - very

  • nutrition - more real food, even less takeaway food(very low already), primal blueprint

  • nutrition - less work at school more time for preparing proper meals and growing more food

  • less stress - by dropping day to day relieving

  • less stress - by doing less relieving

  • less stress - by deciding that I do NOT need to buy a new wetsuit or bike bits because less money needed, means less work required, more cosistant training +more recovery+ more family time+happier=go faster than buying expensive gear

The plan for 2009 is to slightly increase training volume and keep working on my swimmimg. To run at 9am (no more 5am runs) because Cameron is at morning kindergarten. Swim at 9am alternate days to run, bike still trainer sessions Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sundays. Easy weeks will come in the weeks I do relieving, which should in terms2,3,4 be only 4days a term and I will miss what ever 9am session is planned.

This is the flexibility I've been working towards and not buying new gear helps it happpen. 2010 next year when Cameron goes to school will be the achievement it should be even better.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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