Monday, 7 February 2011

Suday training

It has been really hot this last week. Hawkes Bay usually has great weather but it has been hotter than usual especially at night which has meant less sleep.

Yesterday it was in the low 30 degree celsius pretty much all day. Usually when I set off at about 7.20 on my bike it is cool and gets hot during the ride yesterday it was hot from the start and when I got back I really felt it.

I headed out to Waipatiki beach up the Pacific Coast Highway(I love saying that, it just sounds cool). I remembered to take Teresa's new camera, much smaller than our old one, and took a few pictures. There were a couple of big climbs and I took a photo at the top but unfortunately it doesn't really show the height.

In the afternoon we headed for the Pond and it was pretty busy I wasn't sure if I was going to swim but after Teresa did some without a wetsuit, I decided to give it a go. I did my normal 4lengths of the pool without the wetsuit which is the first ever open water swim without one. I can't really compare my times to swimmimng with a wetsuit because I swam much more conservatively but it would appear that wetsuit is still faster. But now I've got some times and got more confidence I'm going to swim sans wetsuit next Sunday if it is as hot.

This had been a challenge I set for myself for next summer but now the challenge will be to swim in a less protected part of the ocean to one of the farthest bouy and back. But I may even get that done this summer... who knows. These are big for me because I still sort of regard myself as poor swimmer but hopefully that is really changing.

Heading towards Waipatiki Beach (over the headland in picture)

Looking back towards Napier

Looking back towards Napier on top of the headland (I know it looks flat believe me it isn't)

Waipatiki Beach - stopped for toilet and water refill.

Really hot and sweaty and Emily immediately wanted me to play a game

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