Sunday, 24 December 2006

Frustrating week off training

Second attempt at creating a blog, I never saw the point until stumbled upon other triathlon related blogs.

Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the middle of race season. The week before christmas I am recovering from a cold/tiredness/stay at home dad of 2 young children/building a web design business and relieving primary school teacher - choose any or all excuses/reasons.

It is particularly frustrating as I raced badly last weekend and I know what I need to be doing to fix it (speed work on the bike and run). Swimming is a different ball game - I am a bad swimmer- and I am trying to find the holy grail of swimming Balance in the water. This balance in the water will mean I can use my arms for propulsion and not just survival. I am the butt of jokes at the pool because my swimmimg appears even slower.

Anyway christmas eve -clean toilet, clean bathroom, clean vacuum cleaner (and it's still not working despite removing tonnes of hair from the brush roller thing). Triathlon training my release especially the bike saturday and sunday not possible because the afore mentioned reasons. All the cleaning and playing with kids are points to be banked for later especially as I want to do open water swim training without the family tagging along.

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