Wednesday, 27 December 2006

When compulsion takes over

After a dreadful night's sleep Boxing Day night being kept awake by awful loud music which went even louder at 12.30am I had to go round to ask politely to turn it off. This isn't the first time , I've been round at least 5 times already

Cameron got me up late at 5.30am. Compulsion made me go for my run at 6am, at 8.45am the music started again. Once again I went round but this time I was met with verbal abuse and was laughingly told I couldn't do anything about it. As we were getting ready to go to Pandora's Pond, the music went even louder and so did the singing . This was done for my benefit, I rang the Council's noise control department who assured me they would send an officer and if need be would issue a Noise abatement notice. If they didn't comply with this notice then their equipment would be confiscated.

When we arrived home,after a very enjoyable day of swimming (2 laps of the pond for me) and then having lunch at the Thirsty Whale, we were greeted with silence andthere hasn't been any music since. So far so good!

Teresa and I were feeling exhausted by this point and there was going to be no bike training later but Emily, Cameron and Grandad Bill all fell asleep a about 2pm giving Teresa and I time to relax. We were able to read, Teresa did some work in the garden and I worked on the computer (or was it blogging?). By the time they all woke up 2hours later we were refreshed and I was ready to train on the bike at 7pm. Leaving me feeling happy and this was followed with no loud music and a good night sleep. And a lie in till 5.45 next morning.

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