Saturday, 25 August 2007

Mouse pooh and other activities

Last weekend was spent taking out the kitchen units and filling in holes in the matai timber floor (matai is a native new zealand hard wood) to stop a mouse coming into the house. I had already done some and thought I'd solved the problem. Tomorrow I've got to spend time stopping the plumbing and dishwasher from leaking which was caused by me taking out the kitchen units last week.

I am just loving cycling, time to myself I don't know why people use iPods on the bike I just love being alone with my thoughts or concentrating on what I'm doing. I guess because I don't ride for riding sake everything is very focussed, don't have time for aimless miles and even in my pre arthritis pre children days I didn't either I just didn't realise it. A friend of mine James commented that he found training indoors boring, I mentioned he must be doing it wrong. I follow Michael McCormack's advice for indoor training and never do the same workout twice because of him I've learnt a lot and refined my thinking about indoor training (I've used it a lot in the past summer and winter) but now Wow!

This morning was 18miles mostly in 53x12 strength training. I realised that last year I didn't do much real strength training on the bike and although I did ok on the bike I could have gone better. Also on reflection was a bit complacent with training and hence I following the advice of Michael McCormack. He just explains things in a way I never could and he makes me realise that is the way I used to train instinctively - I just thought I was a lazy trainer.

Tomorrow I will run my third 3mile run for the week, the best run week for about 10 weeks, hopefully my infury is a thing of the past. I will ride another 18miles "fixed wheel" in 53x21 mostly flat. And hopefully catch up for a missed swim Friday night when the pool was closed for a swim meet.

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