Friday, 26 October 2007

I suck at A races and other stories

Thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday and as I had a been a bit below par for Tuesday's bike session although I really enjoyed my 6 mile run Wednesday.

However last nights bike session ended the speculation, put in a bigger gear and went as I usually do 10 min warming upto HR150 10min building HR to 160 and then 4min going to 165 then 10 min warm down. It's all I'm doing but the main set is on intervals that vary every session, nothing longer than 4min nothing less than 1.5 min all with 30s in between and never do the same session twice. The idea is that the body never knows whats coming and therefore can't get complacent (this happened last year, lack of variety) and the intervals done this way makes it much harder than doing 10min in a straight block. I am adding 1min a week intil I am back up to 50min just before my A race.
I hate using A race idea because I usually end up doing much worse than I plan to, maybe it's the pressure I put on myself.

Ran another 6miles today. Took Cameron to Music group, Iam usually the only dad there and a sitting target for nice old ladies to chat to. On the upside they do fed me extra coffee and biscuits. Persuaded the bank to let me pay in cheque made out to my business into my personal account (don't have a business account - have a problem with paying fees). Having a day off websites to spend the time with Cameron because I have been very busy with 2 new clients , one is my first ecommerce site - so I am excited. I have to keep on top of the work because I know I've got another job starting in the next few weeks and then some updating and the possibility of my biggest job yet and a second website for one of my current clients. I just have to remember not to take on too much while I still have Cameron at home and I also still have teaching committments to get me out of the house.

Cameron is in the bath at present , he was sitting quietly on his bed and poohed himself. I needed to bath him because it gives me some free time, he is going to the doctor later because he keeps blinking his eyes a lot (more like closing them for a short period than blinking - if that makes sense).

I think I am addicted to triathlon websites and triathlon related blogs even sad ones like mine. I am going to ruminate on this and post more on it later.

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