Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blossom, potty training and new pants

It's been a while since I wrote...

We had two week school holidays and it was one of the best mostly good weather, lots of activities with with children : built a bird feeder (no bird has set foot in it- Emily thinks the birds are scared of it.) and a swing hanging from the walnut tree. When Cameron sits on the swing he is so worried about falling off he leans forward and promptly falls off.
Talking about Cameron we are trying to toilet(potty) train him anywhere would be better than poohing and weeing on the floor. It is a bit like having a puppy in the house, to make me feel better a friend said she didn't know many 21year olds who were still wetting themselves (small comfort).

I'm hooked on watching the fruit trees develop their fruit, the pear trees are doing really well closely followed by the bought apple tree. The apple tree from seed hasn't had a single blossom (might be to young) all the citrus have flowers. It is only the peach trees not thriving, speaking of stone fruit, the neighbour at the back, his apricot tree that hangs over into ours lost all its fruit in the very high winds we've been having.

First race is in three weekends time the 'Icebuster' and I'm getting nervous. I have no idea how my swimming is going to be because all I have been doing is the drills with the fistgloves. Which I have to say are fantastic fun to swim with. I worked out a problem I was having that was causing me to take 2 to 3 strokes more per length extra (12/13s now 10s and even a 9ish)it was a slight difference in the timing of my stroke the so called pull phase with the position of my recovery arm. Word of caution please don't follow any of my advice on swimming as I am bad at it.

Cycling is blowing my mind at present, my short mid-week sessions ar causing to ride my rides at the weekend at low hr but for ok speed, whereas previous years I was putting in some effort on the weekend rides, all the effort is going in midweek , apart from some hills as part of the Saturday ride. did 26.5 miles today and plan on doing 30 tomorrow , gradually building my miles for my olympic distance return (the name standard distance triathlons -will never catch on)

I have bought new pants (please note the word pants has been used purely for the comedic effect) I actually bought some De Soto tri shorts low cut forza, mainly because everyone else is wearing them. I have been wearing De Soto trunks (see profile photo) bought in the UK in 1998. But since my return to the sport nobody else wears them and it can be quite lonely being the only one wearing them at a race. And as my Teresa has just muttered over my shoulder it is also embarrassing for her to have to point out the one in his undies. It maybe ok for Faris al Sultan but not for me.

Emilio De Soto is another innovative guy I admire , I love his clothing and his philosophy.

You must check out Chuckie V's blog (see links) on simplicity (I made my commenting debut)and living vicariously.
Jeff Keil did well at Hawaii read his blog.

I hope to squeeze in another post soon on has beens (or never wheres) who are living vicariously and talking crap about what sport is at the same time.

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