Sunday, 28 October 2007

A balanced life and good beer

Pruning back trees in the garden gives time for reflection. With the sun on my back a decent beer drunk and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend always makes me realise how much I enjoy life. I enjoy it I decided because of the balance, I never get bored, there is always something to do and I can switch from one thing to another.

After the morning bike rides, playing with the children, going out for shopping (only the essentials) and coffee. The training gives me a sense of satisfaction all today and then I stretch and do core exercises when the children go to bed. Also knowing that business is good , plenty to keep the interest high and knowing that I have 3 days teaching the same class during the week. The only downside to that is the three days was brought on by the teacher (Ruth) lost a nephew in a tragic road accident.

I thought I would list the beer drunk this weekend. At present we have reverted to imported cask conditioned ale from the UK (otherwise known as real ale) and despite the popular misconception - never ever drink British beer warm. Anyway these come in pint (568ml) bottles and included 2 old favourites Fullers 1845, Marston's Owd Roger and a new favourite Greene King- Strong Vintage Suffolok Ale. Bewarned these beers are quite strong. I will post websites for these beers soon.

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