Monday, 29 October 2007

Going the toilet

This blog is going down the toilet fast. It is a great place to dump my thoughts.

I was going to the toilet for my ritual, regular unload as usual, normally I dash in lock the door breathe a sigh of relief sanctuary. This morning however I was accompanied by Cameron. I've almost gottem used to the children watching me go the toilet but this morning I discovered it was particularly hard whilst holding hands with a toddler who is practicing his jumping and then wants to sit on my lap.

Anyway mission accomplished. I am usually quite proud of my achievements on the loo but I now have to admire said pooh with aforementioned toddler who insists on saying goodbye to everything including the former contents of my bowels. Daily activities do have new meanings when you have children.

More good blogs to read are Simon Whitfield (former Olympic Champ) and Lucho (another stay at home dad - I am not alone) please see links in sidebar.

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