Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Glue ear...

That's what the problem is. I took Cameron for his second visit to the doctor, he was very well behaved. Dr Rosario confirmed glue ear for him and checked my ears and confirmed glue ear for me as well, very unsual in adults I'm told. So we are both on anti-biotics and things seem to be getting better.

Getting back into the swing of things training wise. Two weeks is a very long time.

I have decided that I really want to save up for some Zipp 808 wheels and eventually a new bike. The problem is we don't have any surplus cash so what I've decided to is forgo my weekly 2 beers (they are the expensive imported ones) and save the money towards these goals. I have never been a drinker, I sometimes get stuck into habits. There are other positive side effects : no longer feel dehydrated and hungover (they were very strong beers , sometimes as much as 12% alcohol) and the bit of flab on my stomach should go (I am skinny but even I could lose a few kgs(lbs). The leaner I get the easier training will get the faster I can race.

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