Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Chicken house finished

Finally, over budget, over time, over size it is complete luxury accommodation for four lucky hens is finished. It doesn't look too bad from the distance but no matter what I make, no matter how carefully I cut and measure it all goes wonky, I can't even blame the children who helped me it is down to me and lack of the DIY gene.

We were going to get some ex-battery hens so they could live out the lives in comfort but they are quite difficult to get hold of and I didn't want to confront any defensive factory egg producers. The other reason was that because we have never had hens before new healthy ones would be easier to learn with. I must confess growing up we never had pets except for some fish who always died.

The pictures are the front of the Henhouse Hilton and the big chicken inside is Emily, Cameron was also in but he has reverted to poohing himself so he was removed and put (after a quick change) into his bedroom.

We are going to get the hens on Friday.

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