Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Chicken house not quite finished

Almost not quite had to do more work on the floor than I wanted to. Didn't have one piece of wood large enough so had to cobble 3 pieces together.
Yesterday spent the morning with a client talking though designs and then onto the accountants.
This morning seeing a representive from Awuahawks about organising their content this is rearranged from yesterday.

Good 1200m swim last night giving myself thinking time between each length. The search for the perfect lap/length of the pool continues. Working on keeping head down a bit more with eyes almost looking back seems to really bring the legs up making kicking better and more effective. I finished with 4x25m swimming 'harder' (this is a relative term because you can't swim hard in fistgloves you have to swim with finesse) more thrust with hand entry = stronger kicking =faster swimming.

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