Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Sunday in Autumn 2008

It is autumn-
this means picking up baskets of walnuts, then raking leaves

This is what they look like when they are getting ready to fall. Photo taken from a low hanging branch.

Second season of red raspberries, there are more and they are getting larger.
Veggie garden being extended and lined with bricks recycled from other parts of the garden.
The much improved composting area. Composting really works.
We wanted to plant a hedge around the bottom of the front deck, it had to produce fruit. We found Chilean Guava plants dirt cheap at the garden centre NZ$6- we bought 12 so far we need another 2. Should produce exactly what we want in a few years time.This what they look like and they taste yummy.
Emily on the trampoline.
Cameron on the trampoline.
I've also ordered 3 Goji berry plants and a banana tree for later in the year. The Goji are Teresa's christmas present to me and the banana tree is my present to Teresa. Don't where we are going to put them yet, some of the unproductive trees are probably going to be cut down for firewood.

I am really focussing on swimming . In the pool with the fist gloves 3times and swimcords building specific swim strength and in the summer I am going to swim once a week in Pandora's pond.

Bike: 2 sessions a week of michael mccormack style intervals but I've lowered my heart rate.

Running: 4miles total adding one mile a week. I was finding it mentally very to do a lot of running at 5am. So I decided over the winter to do more swimming and cycling which are done either inside or in daylight until the summer.

It feels good to get all that out of my brain.

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