Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mad dash to the toilet

We think Cameron is having problems knowing when to go the toilet. He will say pooh so we take him and when we get there he can't go. This is becoming a great inconvenience because he is doing it in the middle of the supermarket so I have to abandon the groceries grab him and Emily and get him to the loo. Today we went out to Napier , Teresa took the children to buy underwear and I caught up with them to have a coffee after meeting clients. As soon as we were not near a toilet Cameron wanted to go aagh!!!! (I was saying something else in my head). Luckily for me I have a sixth sense, intuition about the location of toilets or maybe it was growing up with a dad who was cursed with a weak bladder and we were constantly on the lookout for lavatories for him. He was even given a fake toilet inspectors card one year as a present. Anyway for whatever the reason I always seem to make a note of where the nearest loo is and today was no exception, with no hesitation or thought for personal safety I slung Cameron over my shoulder and make the mercy dash. We arrive only to see some woman dive in before us, we wait what seemed like an eternity. I was relieved when the woman came out, I whipped Cameron's thunderpants off, threw him on the loo and ... he couldn't go.

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