Friday, 8 January 2010

First race of the season- 3rd Jan Whangamata

Disaster of my own making. I had been tinkering with my bike set up and used Profile fast forward seat post and had only ridden it on the turbo trainer and thoroughly tried iton the road. I came out of the ocean with a time of 25.48min for the 1500m swim including a very long run to transition, which for me if this was accurate would be a time, a long run to the bike, got on it and got 1 kilometre downthe road and knew the bike was unrideable. I had driven the course the day before and knew that there were dangerous bits and I wasn't prepared to risk it the way my bike was set up. It was too extreme. When we got home I bought a new ordinary seat post.

Because of this disaster I have decided to add another race down in Wellington but next up Kinloch on the 7th of February.

The disappointment of the race didn't spoil our little holiday, we will go back to the same apartment for an extra day and the race.

Another sideeffect of the race is Teresa saw all the fit looking people and decided she is not fit enough and is thinking that next season she wants to aim to do the sprint distance races, she has been doing half the distance of that this season.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - separate your needs from your wants.

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