Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Day

As you can probably tell I've got time on my hands this morning so I am catching up with a few xtra posts. We don't do New Year and have a very low key Christmas.

This year's Christmas tree photo was taken by Emily

We have more exciting things in our lives than over indulging at this time of year. Our biggest worry was our noisy neighbours especially the ones down the road were seen taking in lots of cheap bad beer and makiong lots of noise in the afternoon but thats the last we heard from them and the feared party never happened

We are going away for 4 days tomorrow to Whangamata which is on the Coromandel peninsula. I am racing an olympic distance triathlon my second at the distance in 14 years - last season I got round one at Kinloch for the first time in 13years without embarassing myself too much.

I'm hoping just get around the course comfortably and I don't have injuries like the one I had before Kinloch last year.
I feel slightly underdone in terms of bike fitness, but I've continued to work hard on my swimming done a whole heap more open water swimmimg and I've done a lot of off road winter running.

At Whangamata the aim is to get around easily but I am going back to Kinloch again and this year the aim is to be comfortable and go a bit faster. This shouldn't be a problem because last year I had worn myself out training and felt exhausted the month before and also injured my right leg doing a strength training exercise. And I will have done more biking and I have had been having easy weeks every weeks not every 4 like last year and I think it has worked having the extra rests but I've also listened to my body more and cancelled sessions where previously I would ploughed on.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - separate your needs from your wants.

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