Saturday, 26 July 2008

New shirt with logo and note on bike training

I wanted to stay smart but be less formal than a shirt and tie and I splashed out on a new pair of jeans my other 2 pairs are falling apart.

Training note: I have been having a great time tinkering with my new Look ergo stem. I have it really short. I have always had a long stem 13cms and before I got the profile forward seat post I used to ride on the very tip of my saddle. In my efforts to use brain over brawn or speed for less effort I have moved my seat back. My old specialized has short top tube and high at the front (Dan Empfield@ slowtwitch advises long and low but a new bike is not an option) and with my bull horn handlebars it had become very unstable and I couldn't stand out of the saddle thereby losing precious time around corners etc and my knees where hitting the back of the stem where it attachs to the forks (this never used to happen with my old fashioned stem and conventional seat post)I have lowered my front end (head and shoulders) and flattened my back. I am happy with it, there is a little fine tuning to do but not until I have completed Sundays turbo session.

Sunday will be a true test , an hour spinning 90+ cadence in a small gear. If the setup is wrong it will show up here because on previous setups I had to push bigger gears at lower cadence to keep weight off my skinny arse and family jewels.

Obviously the true test of position is racing and how fast I cycle and run off the bike.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping.

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