Monday, 14 July 2008

Weekly training 7July-13July and another big decision

We have taken the plunge and signed up for a home ventilation system. What they do is take heat that builds up in the roof space during the day and circulates through the house. It is the first step to improve the heating in our old character(wooden house). We had been planning to wait until the end of next year when the mortgage was paid off but it just got to us that in winter the bedrooms and hallway are really cold and damp. Another decider is the conditions in the hose are not healthy. This is a common situation in New Zealand as houses were built for hot conditions and very little was done about cold conditions. Our house when we bought it had no insulation, an old wood burner fire and a very old hot water cylinder. We have changed all this . We want to improve the cold part of the house during the colder winter but there in point trying to heat it at present and that is were the home ventilation system comes in, it will dry (get rid of condensation) and warm it a little and it should then make it easier to heat. We haven't decided on heating yet, we need the most cost effective we are going to look at heat pumps, econo-heaters and see which gives most value. We don't want to heat the house to make it hot because that would cost too much, we just want to make it more comfortable. We decided to go for a DVS model a choice made on price amd 2 warranties(one guarantees performance)

I am also buying a couple of shirts with my business logo on and I trademarked my business name.

Weekly Training
Swim3 sessions with fist gloves. Up to 100's and 75's making me concentrate on stroke. One glove ripped so I swam with clenched fists and ordered some more. I'm also going to try swimming holding tennis balls3600
Bike 1x50min, 1x60min McCormack style intervals I've dropped down gears to concentrate on increasing my cadence to above 90 again remembering stuff when i used to race well. 1x25min strength on trainer 33.49miles
Run1x2mile,2x3mile I remembered that I always used to feel slow and heavy in winter but when it came to race season I would be fine 8miles

Weekly core Training
Swim cords2 sessions Building specific strength - 30 on each arm twice with the cord tighter
Back2 sessions
Abs2 sessions 7 different exercises based on crunches and leg lifts
Weights2 sessions with dumbbells
Push ups2 sessions - some moving side to side and Hindu push ups
Stretching6 sessions

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