Saturday, 12 July 2008

New computer mouse

I've just had to retire my computer mouse despite my valiant attempts to soldier on with the old and with Teresa promising to bring an old one from school, I went and purchased one from my usual shop (I have a slight difference of opinion with them at present).

My mouse was slowing me down and causing my artritis to flare up in my right hand, normally only a really big week of work does that, but with all the excessive side scraping to get it to work inflamed my hand.

They no longer do ball ones , so I got a cheap opticalone. I cannot believe the difference a cheetah against a snail, a couch potato compared to a sprinter. I cannot believe how much mouse technology has moved on, my mouse is accurate to 1000dpi (dots per inch) gaming mice are accurate to 4000dpi and they are laser mice and during my reading I discovered that gaming mice have weights that can change the balance of the mouse this made me think of the swords used by knights in time past who selecteda sword on its weight and balance. Except the difference is knights charged around doing things, having a life getting exercise making a difference, gamers just play games and let life slip them by, a bit sad really.

I wonder what sort of mouse technology will be available when I next buy a mouse in 5 or so years time.

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