Sunday, 6 July 2008

Weekly training 30June-6July

Feeling tired and fed up this weekend the children have been tiring me out especially Cameron with his constant questions. Saturday I didn't stop doing jobs around the house, Teresa went to bed in the afternoon because the school term has just finished and all the exhaustion from all the hard work she puts in and all I can think is I want her to leave teaching. I am very disillusioned about teaching and schools in general. On top of this I am reading the 'Four Hour work week' by Tim Ferriss which is building on my frustration and making me disatisfied. Don't get me wrong my life is generally great but I want more, I want everything, I don't want to waste my life working I never have. This book is all about lifestyle design and it is what I've always wanted to do do turn one of my ideas into reality and fund a lifestyle not by working in a business (even if it is my own) but as Ferriss says automate it by outsourcing. As all self help books say you have to take MASSIVE ACTION and at this point pressure to do so is building.
In a way I have always taken action in my life the latest to say I'm not relief teaching anymore, my actions are getting bigger. I have been a bit tense about the drop in income though. Right enough of that I did a little training.

Weekly Training
Swim3 sessions with fist gloves. 75's making me concentrate on stroke3600metres
Bike 1x50min, 1x40min McCormack style intervals I've dropped down gears to concentrate on increasing my cadence to above 90 again remembering stuff when i used to race well. 1x20min strength on trainer 26.7miles
Run1x2mile, 1x2mile,1x3mile 7miles

Weekly core Training
Swim cords2 sessions Building specific strength - 30 on each arm twice with the cord tighter
Back2 sessions
Abs2 sessions 7 different exercises based on crunches and leg lifts
Weights2 sessions with dumbbells
Push ups2 sessions - some moving side to side and Hindu push ups
Stretching6 sessions

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