Sunday, 19 October 2008

Hawaii Ironman and other stories

Every year I watch this and it never ceases to motivate me. This time I got really excited and had a problem sleeping for a few days after. I also get grumpy a few days before, the same thing happens a few days before Ironman New Zealand which takes place only a couple of hours from here. My own personal countdown to my participation in 2011. After I finished Lanzarote in 1994 I had the feeling that I could conquer anything, I've achieved a huge amount since then. I wonder what I'll feel next time round.

Other news

Emily's first ballet recital is fast approaching. She had to miss her first swim lesson of the new term (advanced breathing class).

Cameron (not yet four) had his first swim lesson. All this took place on Saturday and it was one of those few days where a second car would have been useful but we survived.



What chickens do - the Dust bath

Ethel lying in dust bath under lemon tree.

Ethel leaving dust bath.

What chickens do - Nest

Bertha getting ready to lay. She is sitting on one of the browns hen's egg.

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