Monday, 6 October 2008

Weekly training 29Sep-5Oct

Took time to watch the bees do their thing with the apple blossom.


5250m - still doing lots of fistgloves with legs together, band on legs no fistgloves and regular swimming with fistgloves. Because I go to a pool which is used by the public not swimmers per se I am faster than most of them wearing fistgloves and holding my legs together.


38.28miles - this coming Sunday I'll be stopping my turbo session which I normally do after the farmers market to my on road ride because the farmers Market moves outside for summer and I like to get my ride (which will go from 20 up to 50miles by the end of December) out of the way. So I will be heading out about 7am.


17miles - 3runs - 2x6 and 1x5 at my 'I am enjoying running again' pace.

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