Monday, 27 October 2008

Labour and Hawkes Bay anniversary weekend

This will be mostly in pictures. We weeded, planted , mowed lots of grass and strimmed. Thr chilean guavas, blueberriess, raspberries (all 3 varities), strawberries and red currants are all showing fruit. Apple tree is in full swing as are all 6 citrus trees are flowering. But we know that from experience that it doesn't matter about flowers it only counts when you can actually eat the fruit, sometimes the wind blows the fruit off, birds can get at it.

Teresa has planted lots of seeds:- peas, rock melon, which in the photos are under upturned buckets and plant pots to protect them from marauding chickens - I was putting our amazing compost on the veg garden and I forgot the chickens love it because it so full of juicy worms and other creepy crawlies. They scratch in it and we didn't want them scratching up the seeds. We've planted radishes, beetroot and carrots and the same beans as last year.

I planted out some bought tomato plants, eggplants because ours grown from seed aren't ready yet. We also have some capsicum plants to be planted also because ours aren't ready. We are hoping to learn from last years mistakes and get more for efforts.

On top of all this we have lots of herbs and lettuce growing in planters especially our favourites rocket and basil.

I also repaired the Kindergarten's toy digger that Cameron is modelling.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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