Friday, 9 November 2007

Day at home

No teaching today thank goodness and I've decided not to take Cameron to music group. He is still full of cold and has been into the childminder three times this week. Joan (the childminder) is a lady in her sixties and she is great but this last week she has been making veiled comments about parents who leave their children in childcare when they are sick. Surely she can't mean me. This year he will have been in childcare between 45 and 50 days, the days I have been in school - thats not many.

The problem with me going into school a lot during a week means that the housework especially the laundry gets backed up. I can get it washed but not dried (we refuse to have a tumble drier for financial and environmental reasons). Luckily Emily has not wet the bed for the last 2 nights and Cameron hasn't poohed and wet himself a lot. I also get the chance to get some website work done and a picture sorted for the school yearbook. St Mary's school have sent me yet more photos of their new principal to put on the website but they are finding it really hard the principal Liz just can't looked relaxed.

I've also got the repair man for the dishwasher coming this afternoon. We wouldn't buy a dishwasher for years until somebody told us that it is more environmentally friendly because it heats its own water rather than drawing it from the hot water cylinder.

I didn't want to get up at five this morning but I did, out the door by 5.11am. I wanted to run a new 7mile run using roads I haven't used before. I went out for about 28min 3.5 miles @ 8min mile because I know I return on an out and back run faster. It took me 51.57 min I will measure it in the car tonight on the way to swimming. My legs were very tired but other than that it was good. I think the famous Arthur Lydiard was a fan of out and back runs as opposed to loops because he thought you could judge effort better. I plan to get one of the new polar running heart rate monitors that has the capacity for measuring your distance / speed , etc But that is way down on the list of things to save up for.

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