Thursday, 22 November 2007

Return to light training

I ran 1mile yesterday and swam 900m. Session 200m as a mix of zipper skate drills - 200m overswitch - 200m overswitch with breathing all these drills with fins and fistgloves then 300 overswitch with breathing with just fistgloves no fins , this is my swimming and it feels strange - legs have a feeling of weightlessness (they are floating) just the prescribed two beat kick with all my propulsion coming from the momentum of the hand entering the water and angling steeply down and my body rotation, remember I use fistgloves so my hands aren't helping me float or propel.

It feels very good. I do feel like I am improving its just how do I translate it to open water wetsuit swimming (with a rubbish wetsuit). This year I am going to race st least one race sans wetsuit see how it goes. For next season I will have a De Soto two piece T1 wetsuit.

I was really sick, according to the doctor I had gunk in my left lung, gunk in the right side of my head and that was/is producing a sucking effect in the rightside of my head which is producing a blocked humming sensation in my right ear. At swimming last night I was apologising to people because I didn't now if I was talking loud or quiet.

The plan is to get back into training this week and then have two normal weeks of training and then hopefully the next club race as I missed the race on Sunday. The positive is I was probably sickening before the first race of the season so I know why things went wrong.

It has been quite frustrating the last two weeks, it helped knowing that my target race is the olympic distance race in February so missing a small race now isn't so bad.

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