Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Keeping the faith with TI

It has been difficult since the last race being positive about my swimming telling people it isn't important because I am learning to swim from scratch. When I read a posting by ace in his blog made me feel I wasn't alone. I have been using TI for 12months, people no longer make comments or though I do feel isolated not being in 'no pain' group. I know it is a long term committment and when I watch swimming lessons when I take Emily to her class,I relate a lot of what they do to what I am doing. Years ago when I started concentrating on technique it was always panic of the race season that made me revert back because I had got to a reasonable standard. What is different this time is that since my return to the sport the urgency has gone, I feel I have the time. Although it doesn't stop the self doubt, especially when all the races I do are local and have a lot of the same people and because of my slower swimming people who normally wouldn't beat me are beating me.

I have to believe long term improve my stroke I will get faster. The evidence has always been there. Those skinny 12yr old girls who leave me for dead in the pool. This time I feel I've gone too far down the road, I'm enjoying swimming, I am aware of what I am doing, I understand and as Terry Laughlin says it is like practicing a martial art. And in addition I'm not exhausted at the end of it.

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