Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Worst race confirmed

First I must apologise for my last post, so many mistakes and spellings errors, I blame post race disappointment. Saw the results on the website and it was officially my worst race ever and I mean the worst since my novice race in 1990. In a nutshell I didn't turn up to race. I think I had convinced myself that because this was the first race it was going to be rubbish and therefore it didn't matter. So I got a disaster.

As there are always positives that come out of negatives here are my 5 positives.
1. It can't get any worse.
2. There are plenty more races. Next one in 2 weeks time and after a bad race I usually get fired up for the next.
3. Comfort on bike- much better the cleat wedges seemed to have worked - no more lobsidedness on the bike.
4. I was cycling at about 20mph, slow for me in a sprint but I could have gone at that speed for a long time that is how comfortable I was. That is my ideal Ironman speed.
5. Running legs seemed really good

I need to change my profile photo.

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