Thursday, 8 November 2007

I must be getting old/or wise

I pulled out of my interval session on the bike early tonight. I have been feeling tired since Tuesday's session where I went really hard to make up for Sunday's none race. I don't normally train Monday or Tuesday after even a sprint race (except for swimmming) it is my treat. Although I didn't put in a race effort on Sunday I still put in some effort. Add to this I've been teaching 3days each of the last 2 weeks and keeping in touch with business clients and helping out on the school yearbook and looking after the children, yes I was tired. And I think forcing my heart rate up to night would have put me into to much debt physically. A previous me would definitely pushed thru it - I also want to enjoy my 7mile run tomorrow. 7miles will be be my longest run since 2002 and I am starting to enjoy running again. I'm still not running with my heartrate monitior and it is progressing nicely.

I finally think I am getting wiser. Practicing recovery was definitely on my to do list and a limiting factor in performance. Now I feel once I learn to swim there will be no stopping me. Forty is the new 30 and I feel 20 and I plan to race when I'm a 100 so time is definitely on my side. Better stop now the verbal ramblings are starting.

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