Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Garden update

I'm getting impatient at the moment, everything is going really well but not ready to eat. The contents of the garden is peppers(capsicums), aubergine(eggplant), tomatoes, courgettes, cucumber, rock melon, snap peas and lots of beans. The tomatoes are the most advanced but they take absolutely ages to ripen especially when I want to eat them with my home grown garlic and basil. We are growing lettuce and herbs also. These are on the side deck in trays because lettuce grows poorly in our free draining soil so they get special treatment and lots of water ant I pick leaves when needed. Peppers are also almost ready to eat but the aubergines take forever and I have never grown these before and never grown peppers in any quantity.

Tomatoes along fence covered in bird netting.
Courgette, cucumbers, peppers and the very slow growing rock melons.

Looking down on Courgette
Aubergine plants and more pepper plants in background
Also the time of year to buy wood for winter - 3cords just delivered. Needs putting away
Beans and peas
Apple tree laden with fruit. Had to put in a stake to support the weight of the fruit.
Close up of tomatoes. I have experimented restricting its growth in an effort to speed up ripening. Doesn't work. Now I'm kicking myself for losing some tomatoes. Ripen damn you, ripen.
More tomatoes grown in buckets. Another sort of experiment. The buckets hold in the water and I wanted compare these to those in the free draining soil. The tallest thing in the middle is not a tomato plant it is Emily's Sunflower she started growing in class.
Boysenberry vine is being trained to grow along the fence above the tomatoes. It grows to 7metres so this was the perfect place and it is under birdnetting. Alas no fruit.

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