Monday, 5 January 2009

Weekly training 29Dec- 4Jan

My biggest training week for years since 1996(excluding my ridiculous attempt to return immediately to doing Ironman in 2004 - because I was a complete mess then). I feel I could keep training but because all my training has slowed a bit and longer warmups, I 'm having an easy week this week.
total:5900m open water was approx 1700m again more hard starts and then keeping going for longer. Hard work.

total:72.47milesDid the ride on Raukawa Rd up what I think is Torres Hill and back for 41miles. The last time I did this ride I was wanting to do 38miles but my computer was playing up so I discovered I did nearer 40 that day . It was about 4 weeks ago and it left me wiped out the next week which sparked me into starting up recovery/easy weeks every fourth week.
The roads are very quiet (virtually no cars)but the surface is very rough in parts which slows you down. It was a very good considering the open water swim Saturday the day before and we repeated the kayaking.
total:30miles 3x10 starting to vary the runs more gradually adding more hills.

Tomorrow photo update of veg garden. Can you stand the excitement???

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