Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekly training 12Jan-18 Jan

Took another easy week missed one of session of each. It was more of a mental break - I had a couple of strong ales Fullers London Pride (vegan friendly)and chips Friday night and planned to miss Saturday's run.
total: 4400m

I confirmed a suspicion in the pool this week - I swim 7x100m with just the ankle band after swimming 5x300m with ankle band and holding balls. My suspicion was that I was swimming them in 1min 30 sec. And I was I am swimming them in 1.25 and 1.30 on 2 minutes with the ankle band all technique I'M BLOWN AWAY!! It is the sort of improvement I have been working very hard for, I couldn't do that before with such little effort . I need to keep at and build on this and hopefully keep improving and maybe I'll achieve my goal of turning my biggest weakness into my strength.

total: 56.87miles
One turbo session and 41miles to Waimarama beach and back. This included some climbs that I was nervous about. As it happens they didn't trouble me at all.
total:2x10= 20miles
I have been feeling very good and can feel the improvement.

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