Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Weekly training 19Jan- 25Jan

I have been winding down my training because I am really feeling the almost 11months consistant without having any breaks for racing. I have my one race on the 8Feb my first olympic distance race since 1996. I was enjoying the decreasing miles in running and cycling and enjoying my new confidence in open water because of having had at least one open water swim for the 7 weeks and had 2 last week and because of my improved swimming which also has improved my navigation and breathing. In fact I might go so far as to say I am enjoying swimming in open water and enjoying swimming full stop.

The bad news is that I have picked up a running injury. I ran 10miles Tuesday and on Wednesday I was carrying out some ankle strengthening exercises, that have cured my persistant right ankle niggle, I somehow managed to hurt the left side of my lower left leg. I ran 9miles Thursday morning, started out feeling a niggle and thought I would just run it off. However I don't think I can run in the last weeks before my race. This is a nuisance but not a right off I know if I rest it I have done enough running to do the as I have in the past run really well off very little running. It is just a small dent in my mental preparedness. My only real doubt is that it might still be sore come race day. If this happens I won't enter (you can enter online upto 3 days before) save my money for a full season of races next season when my swimming will be even better and we will still have our 2 days away in Taupo (our accommodation is paid for).

total: 5600m
total: 64.78miles
I did 36miles on Middle road and found it really easy I was swooping down the downhills singing songs from Mama Mia, we bought it Emily for Christmas and she has been playing it none stop and it just got stuch in my had. But if you can't descend at dangerous speeds singing Abba hits when nobody else can hear when can you.
total: 19miles

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