Monday, 12 May 2008

Caught out by cheap software

As the title says I was caught out by buying cheap software. It was an online reseller. It was so much cheaper than the buying the same software from the official supplier I ha suscpision (spelling??) right from the start but the bargain hunter in me won. It was a lesson learned that cost me about $200US. It was fulll of bugs didn't install correctly wouldn't uninstall so I could install a full cost version.

I am annoyed with myself because I hate wasting money- I had the money saved for the upgrade of the software (it is for business), I had to get a technician out who couldn't solve the problem of the uninstall and wanted to take the computer in for a couple of days (I have some deadlines looming).

However after the tech went away without the computer (this all happened Friday)I was going to drop it in next Tuesday but I was prompted by something he said. I went onlione and found some uninstall software (free version) and that did the job. I installed the new software, worked out how to mySQL databases server running again (for testing my work) and I was away.

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