Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Chicken visit to Kindergarten

Just come back from taking one of the chickens in to Cameron's kindergarten for the children to have a look at. It was supposed to be the one called choc choc but I can't tell the difference. It is surprising that although we live in a town that is a rural service centre lots of the children haven't seen a live one.

It reminds when I was teaching full time back in the UK one boy on a school camp at mealtime asked what was on his plate, indicating a chicken breast. He was told it was chicken, a whole chicken he asked. Then he commented that his chicken had a jacket on , it was of course the skin of the chicken. A lot of children these days are fed a lot of crap and of course nothing looks like anything :fish fingers, chicken nuggets (chickens don't have nuggets and fish no longer have fingers although who nows the bounty that genetic modification will bring), etc

Live, eat organically and simply

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