Monday, 26 May 2008

Chicken story - Chapter 3 The Return

The continuing adventures of new-Bertha.
When we last left Bertha she was last seen hopping over the neighbours fence at 5.30pm Saturday afternoon never to be seen again. On Sunday we went to the farmers market, out for coffee, bought some hanging baskets for growing strawberries in and then home for lunch. I got on the turbo trainer for my hour, determined to get off if my legs didn't respond but they did but not as well as Thursday. When this happens I lower my target heart rate 5beats, I could reach my original target but at what cost, this is a mistake I have made in the past and the result is overtraining. I now realise it is tiredness so I ease back and it seems to be working.

Teresa and I were feeling sorry for ourselves and the chicken, the persistant rain didn't help. New Zealand east coast has great weather but sometimes we get a lot of rain it isn't known as the 'Land of the long white cloud' for nothing. After my bike I get wrapped up with the children, me to rake up leaves (it has therapeutic benefits) and the children to feed the chickens.

Today Monday I was asked by the deputy principal at Napier Central to take her class for the morning possibly the whole day. This was complicated by the fact Teresa car pools when ever she can with another teacher and she was relying on us because she had no car today. Cameron had to go to childcare and then we all had to go to school. On the return Emily had gone to a friends house after school, pick up Cameron and return the other teacher home ( her house is about 4miles out of way.

Late, tired and grumpy after a confrontation with a rude parent I got home to get dinner sorted, feed chickens and Teresa went for Cameron. As I went to feed the chickens one of our neighbours Paul was practically hopping up and down with excitement. He had seen the chicken at the back of his house, over a fence on a shed roof. He had got a couple of ladders and climbed over with a sack. He said that he had just picked up, he reckoned it must have been just very tired and dehydrated from its adventures. So he stuffed in the sack and waited 3 hours for us to come home. He wouldn't let me have it he wanted to wait for the children so he could see their faces.

So the escaped chicken is in the Henhouse Hilton with the girls fed watered and the asleep. I'm going to buy Paul a pack of his favourite to say thankyou.

All I could think about was that I would now not have to tell my friend Shelly about the loss of the chicken..not just yet anyway.

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