Thursday, 29 May 2008

Full on and photo's of new Bertha

It has been a struggle to blog recently. After the excitement of new Bertha doing her Houdini disappearing act, I lost all energy and it was a struggle to post last week's training. You may have or not noticed that they appeared on Monday not Sunday as usual.

It wasn't the blogging it was the culmination of consistent training, a lot of work and a lot of rain for the last few weeks. I have never been a winter person it really does get me down, one of the many reasons for leaving the UK. But it also caused a lot of washing/laundry both children can wet the bed but not all the time and not always together but without a dryer it was struggle to get it dry and it was getting me down. And this week was particularly busy because Teresa had parent interviews Tuesday and Wednesday and I had to pick Emily up from school, take her to ballet, wait for Teresa. I decided training wise to have most of the week off because I have been really happy with training but I'd just started not enjoying it - so time for recovery.

We have started considering to look at a move nearer Napier because we spend more time there and although it is only 20km away it all adds up especially as we don't want to buy another car. We think we would like a bit more land were we can do more of what we are doing now and possibly have a bed and breakfast place. However we also don't want to get another mortgage when this one is finished next year. We have to decide which is most important Teresa working less possibly just 3 days a week (I may need to do a bit more website work or teaching- especially after both children are at school). or more land. Not sure we can have both.

Anyway I've the first pictures of the infamous Bertha. She doesn't bolt for the door anymore but didn't like me holding her yesterday. Top chicken (Daisy) was doing a lot of bullying of Bertha yesterday and not allowing her outside in the run - need to keep an eye on the situation.

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