Thursday, 22 May 2008

How do you tell a child their pet has died?

Yesterday I found a few droplets of blood in the Henhouse Hilton and what looked like a poor attempt at laying an egg(without the shell). All the chickens seemed fine when I fed them at 2.30. At 5.30pm I went tohelp them perch and Bertha was just sitting very quietly on the nesting shelf, she didn't seem distressed, I picked her up and examined underneath and it looked like after birth stuff was sticking out. I phoned the vet and they said yes it could have been caused by a large egg but there were other reasons too. As I am teaching in Teresa's class today I made an appointment with the vet at 4.30 hoping it would be better by morning. We checked on it at 9.15 last night and I found it lying cold and stiff on the floor.

We are glad it isn't Daisy. I am still going to take her to the vet to try and find out what happened. Teresa and I are upset because they are pets and we enjoy having them around. We are going to tell the children that one of the chickens died and Daddy is going to try and find out why.

On a happier note Emily had her first ballet lesson although she already knows it all according to her. We have discovered little 5 and 6 yr olds seem to to think they're right all the time and know everything I thought that happened in the teenage years.

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