Saturday, 17 May 2008

Poor flexibility and Stretching

To continue on from last weeks post. I started to write about how important my stretching is. When my arthritis struck my whole body seemed to tighten up and as I started exploring options to try and 'cure' the arthritis I sort of discovered a long the way that it was only really affecting my hands and that with stretching I started to return to normal or it may be a coincidence and things got better as the arthritis started to settle down after a few years. In many ways it doesn't matter and although today I get flare ups mainly in my wrists I still stretch daily or at least 5 times a week.(positives always come out of negatives)

I could never touch my toes with straight legs I could barely get past my shins now I can get my hands on the floor with my arms bent. When I started sitting on the floor with one leg straight out in front and the other leg bent flat on the ground I had to use a strap to get myself forward I can now comfortably hold onto my heel with both hands. And recently achieved the swimmers stretch where you bend one arm down behind your back and the other arm you bend it up behind your back and then grasp hands. I even had trouble sitting cross legged on the floor.

I have been doing regular stretching now for 10 years and I am the most flexible I 've ever been (except for when I was a child). I would really like to take up yoga.

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