Tuesday, 20 May 2008

ITU and draft legal triathlon

I've been reading the blogs of the guys like Simon Whitfield and other world cup racers and watching the races over the internet and I've concluded I think they're really good.
I confess that when the ITU first went down the road of legalising drafting for the professional I like many others shrieked in horror at the capitulation to the sin of drafting. I think I and many others saw it as the death of non-drafting racing but they co-exist quite nicely. The athletes come in for a bit of stick but I am coming out of the closet and I say I enjoy the world cup races (as long as non-drafting races also exist). I will even say I admire the athletes and the intensity they race at, I especially admire their swim ability and for someone like myself who never really got the hang of swimming very envious and the triathlon is probably the only race I will watch during the Olympics. I am looking forward to the showdown between whitfield, Gomez and Docherty and there is always the darkhorse.

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